About Us

Butternut Mountain Farm, 1972


Butternut Mountain Farm Facility, 2014

Butternut Mountain Farm has built its reputation on quality products, timely service, and fair and competitive prices. Our buying practices sustain local working forests and farmers; ensure traceability of product and provide a clear chain of custody of the raw ingredients.

We believe what’s special about maple is what it isn’t…

Pure maple syrup isn’t a complex manufactured food. It’s a simple real food and one ingredient, healthy and it tastes really good.


What’s special about Butternut Mountain Farm is what we are

We are a Vermont based family owned maple syrup company that is wholly committed to:

  • Earning respect from our customers, suppliers and employees for providing:
    • Safe, Quality Products: Detail obsessed, tastefully
    • Extraordinary Service: A tradition of trusted reliability
    • A Commitment to Maple: Expert leaders in the industry
  • Excellent stewardship of our woodlands;
  • Acting with integrity and respect toward the communities that sustain us.


We didn’t get here over night…

With more than 40 years in business we’ve helped grow the industry into what it is today. 

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