About Maple

Maple, Pure and Delicious: Mother Nature knows best when it comes to maple syrup. We the maple sugar makers are simply stewards. Maple syrup is one simple ingredient – the sap of the maple tree. Nothing is added. No preservatives. No flavorings. No artificial colors. Pure maple syrup is entirely natural and essentially wild – a thoroughly wholesome sweetener straight from the forest to your table.

What is Maple?  |  Table Syrup vs. Real Maple Syrup – find out what maple syrup is and what it is not

Grades of Maple  |  The new maple syrup grading system is focused on taste. 

Making Maple Syrup  |  How exactly is Maple Syrup made?

Cooking with Maple  |  Easily make substitutions in any recipe!

Recipes  |  Maple Syrup is considered a super food and can be used in a tons of different dishes.

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