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Keep it Simple. Keep it Pure.

As consumers become increasingly conscious of what they eat and of the ingredients used in their food products, companies advertising maple on their primary selling panel without containing any real maple on the ingredient list are being dragged into the spotlight.

Fast Growing Beer Brewing Marketplace Taps into Maple

Interested in brewing with maple? Below are some useful maple facts

Craft beer makers and home brewers are bringing alternative sources of flavor to the forefront of brewing. As a highly fermentable sugar with a seasonally sought after flavor profile pure maple syrup is increasingly being pursued as an ingredient for some of our favorite ales.

Maple and Dairy- the perfect pair

Vermont Maple Milkshake

In the world of food there are some things that are simply a perfect pair - maple and dairy is one of these. Stalwarts of Vermont’s agricultural economy, these two partner up to create some of our favorite foods.