Maples Latest {Blog} – tapping & sugaring

2015 Maple Sugaring: Season Wrap-up

Maple in flower

The season ended on drum number 129 for us. We made a little over 3 pounds of syrup per tap - far from record breaking, but average in historical terms for our farm.

2015 Maple Sugaring: Getting into the flow of things...

Night at the Butternut Mountain Farm Maple sugar house

We finished the weekend with Barrel number 29 which is about 15% of a crop for us in an average year. The sap did not run much Saturday or Sunday. We’re optimistic that the next couple of days will bring some excellent sugaring weather.

2015 Maple Sugaring: How's your sugar content?

The story of this sugaring season may come down to the sugar content of the coming sap flows. Why you ask? Because there is a direct correlation between how much sap it takes to make a gallon syrup and the sugar content of the sap from which it’s being made.

2015 Maple Sugaring: Into the Woods

Tapping on Butternut Mountain Farm

With deep snow and extremely cold temperatures it's taken us a bit longer than normal to wrap up tapping. Thankfully Mother Nature has given us a bit of a reprieve...