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2017 Sugaring Season: Tap the Sap

Hello and Happy New Year! We started tapping in early January this year, working our way up the mountain and adding a new section this year. The new section is over 2 miles from the sugarhouse, so there is plenty of pipe to tie and keep us busy. The new section should add around 1600 additional taps this year, making our total around 19,500 taps.

Keep it Simple. Keep it Pure.

As consumers become increasingly conscious of what they eat and of the ingredients used in their food products, companies advertising maple on their primary selling panel without containing any real maple on the ingredient list are being dragged into the spotlight.

Producer Spotlight: Tom & Cecile Branon

“Farming is in my blood. Maple is in my blood.”

Tom Branon laughs warmly as he describes how much he loves the taste of maple syrup in his coffee. “The truth is, he puts a little bit of coffee in his maple syrup,” his wife Cecile chimes in. They lean into each other and laugh in the light of the beautiful, modern sugarhouse they built together in 2013. They have been farming together since they first met, over 37 years ago.

Organic Maple Syrup: Pure and Real

Sales of organic products in the US totaled nearly $39 billion – and nearly 5% of the total food market share according to the Organic Trade Association’s Market Analysis for 2014 – and pure maple syrup is no exception. What is organic maple syrup? Why is demand so strong? And, what is it being used for?