Chefs & Food Service

Chefs are excited about maple and are turning to it as a preferred flavor in both sweet and savory dishes. Often it is specified on a menu, whether as a glaze on a pork loin, the star of a maple vinaigrette, a component in a whiskey smash, or a maple twist on a traditional panna cotta.

Butternut Mountain Farm delivers 100% pure maple syrup held to the strictest standards in the industry in a variety of packaging options – from single serve amenity packs for breakfast service, to gallon jugs for pantry storage. 

Our service doesn’t end at product delivery. We’d love to put our deep knowledge of maple to work for you.  We can consult on ways to introduce maple onto a menu, help with recipes and explain the properties that make it a unique ingredient. Give us a call. There’s nothing we like to talk about more.


  • Bulk Maple Sugar

    A minimally processed sweetener with a high demand flavor profile for today’s consumer, pure maple sugar from Butternut Mountain Farm is available in multiple granular sizes, as well as organic and natural designations.  Perfect for formulations that require the sweetness and flavor of pure maple but can’t support the added moisture of maple syrup.  

    We had a great summer and the launch of our product is going very well… the maple bar is currently #2 out of the 5 bars we offer. So, we think it'll stick around awhile. They are pretty fantastic.”
    – Regional Bar Manufacturer

  • Amenity Products

    Our amenity sized products are the perfect way for you to offer your customers an exceptional quality product while still maintaining portion control

  • Bulk Maple Syrup

    Whether you need a gallon or a few 275 gallon totes of pure maple syrup, we will work with you to make sure you have the right product when you need it.

    I can’t help but notice that we knocked at your door 10 days earlier than our best laid plans and you STILL managed to put commercial (syrup) into our hands. Amazing customer service – thanks so much for that.
    – Yogurt Manufacturer