Maple Makes it Memorable

  • Maple value  Add effortless premium value to any menu.
  • Healthy, naturally  Maple’s nature’s purest sweetener–it’s filled with essential nutrients, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Perfect Taste  Nothing added. No preservatives. No artificial colors. No artificial sweeteners.

Whether you’re a chef creating a new menu item or a multi-national restaurant, Butternut Mountain Farm has the diversity of products to meet your maple needs.

If you are purchasing a few gallons of maple syrup to test a new recipe or hundreds of pounds of 100% pure maple sugar for a new item introduction, you will be assured a maple product that is held to the strictest standards in the industry with documentation of traceability and certificates of quality.

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The People Who Make Your Maple

  • Calvin Willard: Producer & Timber Sports Competitor

    Meet Calvin Willard from Barnet, Vermont. Calvin is a lifetime maple sugar maker, and a maple syrup supplier to Butternut Mountain Farm. He also works in the timber industry as a logger, consulting forester and is a competitor in the professional Timber Sports circuit.

  • Producer Spotlight: Tom & Cecile Branon

    Tom Branon laughs warmly as he describes how much he loves the taste of maple syrup in his coffee. “The truth is, he puts a little bit of coffee in his maple syrup,” his wife Cecile chimes in. They lean into each other and laugh in the light of the beautiful, modern sugarhouse they built together in 2013. They have been farming together since they first met, over 37 years ago.

  • Producer Spotlight: Tiffany Brothers

    The Tiffany brothers don’t mince words when it comes to maple syrup. They love maple syrup on ice cream, over pancakes, and in their everyday cooking. They love being in the woods every day, and they love sugaring. They intend to keep doing exactly that.

  • Maple Producer Spotlight: Meet Rick Mayotte

    A small, thoughtfully designed space, Rick Mayotte’s sugarhouse is set up for high syrup production. He’s running over 50,000 taps across beautiful land in Fairfield, Vermont, and he hopes to increase his production in the coming year.

  • Maple Producer Spotlight: Gene and Dan Branon

    “That’s how you succeed in business: You surround yourself with good people. That includes your family.” Meet our friends Gene and Dan Branon.

  • Maple Producer Spotlight: Meet Jeff Corey

    “I have always been under the belief that if you drill too many holes, you kill your trees. You can have the nicest operation in the world but, with sugaring, you make your money out in the woods. So, you need to take care of your trees. Tree health is the most important part.” Meet our friend Jeff Corey.


Maple makes a recipe memorable. Here are a couple of our latest recipes.

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Health Benefits of Maple

Butternut Mountain Farm 100% pure maple syrup is a wholesome sweetener rich in minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, iron, and selenium. The caloric value of maple syrup is 52 per tablespoon, compared to 60 in sugar and 64 in honey.

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