Sweet Heat Infused Maple Syrup

Moosewood Hollow Infused maple syrup adds not only sweetness but also exciting flavor nuances to food or beverage. Use these infused syrups to drizzle over desserts, splash in coffee or club soda, glaze ham or sweet potatoes, sweeten yogurt or oatmeal, or finish grilled salmon or pork. 

Maple meets habanero in Moosewood Hollow's Infused Maple Syrup - Sweet Heat. Not for the faint of heart, go wild and try a dash in mango salsa, add a splash to baked beans or drizzle over vanilla ice cream. 

Drizzle* Baste * Saute * Grill * Splash * Create * Savor

Available in 3.4 fl oz consumer bottles and food service sized packages.

Buying our maple

We can answer any questions you may have about our syrup, sourcing, or ordering. 

Placing Your Order: 
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