Retailers & Private Label for Maple

Retailers, whether private label or reseller, are the core of our business. Honored to be a preferred supplier of pure maple syrup to premiere companies around the world, we are as committed to keeping these relationships strong as we are to maintaining the quality of our pure maple syrup. 

We’re the kind of partner that makes your job easier – no worries about inventory or quality, and a full array of turnkey services at your disposal: a wide variety of packaging options, inventory management, point of sale materials,  year-long capacity, and, of course, the best 100% pure maple syrup around.


  • Specialty Packing

    Internationally known for award winning maple products, our specialty line highlights the beauty and simplicity of pure maple syrup. With style and function, this is the perfect way to share a taste of Vermont.

    Please accept my compliments for providing all that was requested. Your approach to customer service is very appreciated. I wish other suppliers would be as thorough.
    – National Retailer

  • Infused Maple Syrup

    Our Moosewood Hollow Infused maple syrup adds not only sweetness but also exciting flavor nuances to food or beverage. Infused syrups can be used to drizzle over desserts, splash in coffee or club soda, glaze ham or sweet potatoes, sweeten yogurt or oatmeal, or finish grilled salmon or pork.

  • Time to Private Label Maple Syrup

    With more than $98 billion in sales of private label food and beverage products in the United States, and consumption of pure maple syrup more than doubling in the last five years – it’s time to consider a private label maple syrup program.

     “The organic maple syrup category really doesn’t lay claim to a natural brand leader, the key private label consumer in the segment is really just about any organic consumer who trusts a particular retailer and it’s product.”
    – Private Label Magazine

  • Private Label

    For more than 40 years we have been producing quality maple products for some of the best brands in the world. We can’t show you their names, but you’d recognize their labels. They entrust us with their maple syrup program because they know we provide year round supply of high quality 100% traceable pure maple syrup.

    I have no desire to bring a national brand back to the shelf.”
    – National Retailer, after removing branded product from their shelf set

  • BMF Signature Squeeze

    Looking to bring additional value to your maple set? Our new exclusive squeeze bottle offers mess free portion control to equip the discerning home chef, busy family, or maple lover with 100% pure Vermont maple syrup – a new fun and healthy way to sweeten the day. 

  • Butternut Mountain Farm Signature Line

    If you’re going to stock a single brand of pure maple syrup, make it our 100% pure Vermont maple syrup.  Your customers will love it's iconic look and honest flavor.  

    We have been pleasantly surprised with sales of the syrup. It is one of the strongest performers for our American line…” - International Retailer

  • Organic Standards for Syrup

    Organic standards for maple syrup address two major areas: food safety and long-term health of the forest. Organic standards have a lot to say about ensuring the long-term health of our maple forests. More than 50% of the syrup we process is certified organic because we believe it goes hand in hand with making great maple syrup.

  • Organic Syrup

    Certified Organic, our Vermont Family Heritage pure maple syrup ensures you can satisfy the needs of your consumers - a delicious, wild crafted, single ingredient product with a long and storied tradition that can enrich the flavor and quality of foods far beyond just breakfast.