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11 Recipes for Summer Barbecues

It’s time to unearth the steel spatulas and fire up the grill. As the temperatures soar towards those mid-summer scorchers, it’s evident the barbecuing season is upon us. Hot dogs, hamburgers, corn, shrimp, salmon, vegetables, side dishes, desserts… there’s a myriad of recipes for summer barbecues. And if we may insert our sweet two cents; maple makes it better.

Whether utilizing maple sugar to mix into rubs or whisking maple syrup into marinades, there’s a spot at the patio table for something graced with nature’s purest sweetener. The addition of maple gives summer grilling cuisine a sweet and savory twist that’s so good you most likely won’t have leftovers to store. Because of maple’s versatility, almost all of your dishes – from sides to main course – can be upgraded by its robust dimension.

Looking to keep your tried and true barbecue recipes? Good news! Maple can take the place of sugar in any existing recipe with ease. Avoid the last-minute Google search for how to substitute sugar called for in recipes and simply swap it for maple sugar on a 1:1 ratio.

And, it’s not just for dessert. Sweet by nature, maple’s flavor profile extends beyond cakes, pies and pops. Maple is equally as compatible with meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. Try a maple aioli to spread across grilled brioche buns for your famous burgers. Whisk up a maple vinaigrette to dress salads full of fresh summer fruit. Even adding a squeeze of maple syrup to lemonade is an easy way to invite maple to the barbecue and enhancing flavor.

This easy upgrade goes a long way at the table. Here are 11 ways to inspire your barbecue menu this summer, and secure your backyard as the go-to dining destination of the season.

Maple Shallot Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

While hot dogs and hamburgers may be the stars of the barbecue, there’s something to say about the big bowls of leafy greens. The real stars of summer in New England are the fresh vegetables. And this salad dressing accentuates the crispy, flavorful bites from the garden. With our habanero infused Sweet Heat Maple Syrup, salad may steal the show.

Sweet Bourbon Caramelized Onions

The best way to spice up burger toppings is to add caramelized onions to the mix. This recipe uses our Sweet Bourbon Maple Syrup to deepen the flavor. These onions are perfect for topping hot dogs too.

Spicy Maple Mayo

A critical piece to any barbecue is the condiment selection. Make sure your collection is of the can’t-be-found-in-stores variety. This spicy maple mayo can be whipped up in a minute with nothing more than mayo, maple syrup, lime and chili powder. Set the spice to your taste and smear on grilled ears of corn or across brioche burger buns.

Maple Iced Tea

There must be refreshments at any barbecue, set in a tall pitcher with heaps of ice. Prepare this maple iced tea the morning of to help cool down around the grill.

Sweet n Zesty Zucchini Relish

Turn the abundant zucchini harvest into a plentiful side dish. An array of fresh vegetables join forces to create a flavorful hotdog topper. Enjoy between a bun or on the side of the plate, pushed up against an ear of corn. The amount of maple sugar can be adjusted to accommodate your taste for a sweeter, or less-than-sweet relish.

Maple Mango Salsa

Chips deserve better salsa. Think outside the jar with this maple mango salsa!

Vermont Style New Potato Salad

If you’re going to do a potato salad, you might as well do a Vermont style potato salad. This recipe will turn any potato salad skeptic into a potato salad fanatic. If you’re the person who always needs a bowl of this side present at the party, this flavor bursting recipe will assist you in bringing your Grade A game.

Grilled Herb Scallops

You can have hotdogs, hamburgers and chicken but seafood on the grill is an undeniable summer staple. These grilled herb scallops will upgrade your barbecue status to backyard seaside retreat even if you’re landlocked. We recommend serving these skewers over a bed of arugula draped in a drizzle of maple syrup.

Five Spice Maple Chicken Skewers

Maple’s transition form the tree to the grill takes significant effort, but making these spicy and sweet chicken skewers is essentially effortless. Whisk together a marinade, let your poultry soak, and grill these chicken skewers for a barbecue dish that tastes like it was made with love.

Maple Portobello Burger

This recipe doesn’t call for a grill, but for the vegetarians that want to enjoy a slab of something juicy between plush buns, there’s always portobello mushrooms! These fungi aren’t burgers in disguise, they’re uniquely their own flavorful saucer to rest upon a bed of crispy butter lettuce and a juicy slice of a Brandywine tomato. Maple brings this burger together for a bite that will inspire another…and then another…and another.

Maple Caramel Pudding Pops

Dessert during a barbecue is anytime you want it. Waiting for hotdogs, or cooling down after a big dinner, these maple caramel pudding pops satisfy that sweet cravings that pop up.