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14 Things We Love About Pure Maple Syrup

We love maple syrup year round, and since it’s February and Valentine’s Day is approaching, we’re eager to express it.

This one ingredient wonder is a natural product and delectable treat. It’s hard not to love it. Pour it over your pancakes and stir it into your salad dressings. Take a shot of it for energy before a hike and sips of it in your afternoon tea. Maple fits into our everyday routine seamlessly, sweetening up small moments.

Without further ado, we’d like to shout all the reasons why we love maple syrup from the mountain tops!

It’s a one ingredient product

There’s only one ingredient in a bottle of pure maple syrup: pure maple syrup! Free from additives and flavorings, each pour of syrup is a naturally sweet addition to your recipes.

It’s versatile

A notably sweet ingredient, you might think maple syrup is reserved for dessert. We’re thrilled to let you know that nature’s sweet elixir is fit for the savory side. As an ingredient, maple syrup elevates a marinade for meat and fish. It adds a hint of sweetness to a vinaigrette. Maple syrup isn’t a one note ingredient in your fridge or pantry. You’re encouraged to explore the possibilities of this natural flavor enhancer!

It’s a wholesome sweetener

The only thing that comes between a sugar maple tree and a bottle of maple syrup is sap and an evaporator. There are no additives or flavorings in a bottle of pure maple syrup. Instead you’ll find essential nutrients like potassium and calcium! You can feel good about enjoying this naturally wholesome sweetener.

You can use it any time of day

There’s a place for maple syrup on your table during any meal. Breakfast, lunch, snack time, dinner, and dessert. Whether you’re pouring it over pancakes or roasting your vegetables with a tablespoon of it, maple syrup makes sense in a myriad of recipes.

It’s a sustainable ingredient

Did you know that with responsible forest management you can tap a sugar maple tree for centuries without diminishing the resource? It’s true! Plus, diversity maintained in sugarbushes can mitigate some impacts of climate change. As Emma Marvin has said, “Maple syrup comes from trees. Trees sequester carbon. The simple act of harvesting maple sap and creating maple syrup creates an economic reason for stewardship of some of our most valuable carbon sinks – the northern forests of North America. It’s easy to feel good about that.”

It doesn’t have an expiration date

A bottle of maple syrup has a “best by” date but not an expiration date. Once opened you should store your bottle of maple syrup in the fridge to keep your maple syrup fresh. Butternut Mountain Farm still has a bottle of the first maple syrup we boiled in 1973 – and it still looks great!

You can share it with family and friends

Maple brings us all to the table. Pass it around for breakfast, and gift it for birthdays and holidays to inspire new traditions and create new family recipes. Maple syrup is a welcomed addition to the kitchen.

You can travel with it

Heading to the coffee shop? The diner that uses the fake stuff? Leaving Vermont and want to take a taste of it back home? Maple syrup can travel with you! Thanks to the various ways maple syrup is packaged, you can easily slip a tablespoon or two in your bag to ensure you have the real stuff with you all the time. We like to keep a Maple Syrup Nip bottle in our bag just in case we run into a latte that needs a splash of maple.

It’s perfect in a morning cup of coffee

Next time you’re looking to sweeten your morning cup push the cane sugar aside and grab a bottle of maple syrup, or a spoonful of maple sugar. It delivers what you’re looking for without being overpowering.

There’s more than just one flavor profile

All pure maple syrup is derived from sap, but its classification of color and flavor is based upon when in the season the sap is harvested. Early in the season Golden, Delicate maple syrup is made which has a sweeter, maple flavor. As the weather warms towards the end of the season, the syrup that’s produced tends to be darker. And the darker the syrup, the more robust the taste. You can taste Golden, Delicate, Amber, Rich or Dark, Robust to find your preferred flavor. We love options!

There’s more than just maple syrup

It’s not just maple syrup that we love. Maple sugar and maple butter are other maple products free of additives and flavorings. They deliver the same flavor in a different form. Maple sugar is fit for baking and maple butter is ideal for smearing all over fresh fruit and toast.

You can enjoy it on snow

Maple syrup on pancakes? Try it on some snow! Once the snow accumulates, New Englanders get to enjoy sugar on snow! It’s a delicious tradition that turns maple syrup into taffy on a stick.

There’s a season for it

Everyone has Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. In Vermont, our calendar is punctuated with a few extra seasons. We have mud season, stick season and sugaring season. Sugaring season happens in early Spring when the weather is just right for the sap to flow. Then sugarmakers across the maple syrup producing regions boil sap into syrup. It’s a celebratory, exciting time!

It comes from trees

It’s really simple. Maple syrup comes from trees. How cool is that?!