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2015 Maple Sugaring: And The Season Begins

It’s nice to know we’ve started. We had our first run on Wednesday and our first boil on Friday. We made a nice flavored Amber Color Syrup with Rich Taste.

As with most years, there was some trouble-shooting to do to get things in the sugar house up and running smoothly. “We added a vacuum pump, sap releaser and another post to our reverse osmosis machine this winter. It’s always hard to test these systems until we have the right kind of weather conditions and sap,” says Ira Marvin, Butternut Mountain Farm, Farm Manager. “It takes some time to learn the new systems that come with new pieces of equipment – and to know if they’re operating correctly or not.”

Right now the sap’s not running, but we are finishing small projects in preparation for some warmer weather. Hopefully, we’ll be into sugaring full force next week, but the weather forecast doesn’t look great.