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2015 Maple Sugaring: Getting Into The Flow of Things…

We finished the weekend with Barrel number 29 which is about 15% of a crop for us in an average year. The sap did not run much Saturday or Sunday. We’re optimistic that the next couple of days will bring some excellent sugaring weather.

On Friday and Saturday we had issues with the burner on the evaporator. That issue was resolved, but in the process we discovered eight holes in the back pan of the evaporator. It looks like we’ll need new pans.

Earlier in the season we struggled with getting the flow rates up with our ROs. ROs or reverse osmosis, allow us to remove water from the sap, concentrating the sugars, flavor precursors, minerals and nutrients (it’s the same technology used in desalinating water). The use of reverse osmosis makes us much more efficient in the boiling process reducing the energy inputs required to make maple syrup. It also means that for any given sap run we need less storage. Having a break down in any part of system is particularly problematic, especially in a season that has been short. With persistence and a lot of trouble shooting we were able to determine the problem and get it fixed before the sap really started to run.

Between the weather and equipment, this season seems to have been filled with trials and tribulations. Fortunately, we’ve had everything up and running well when the sap has been flowing.