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2015 Maple Sugaring: Into The Woods

With deep snow and extremely cold temperatures its taken us a bit longer than normal to wrap up tapping. Thankfully, Mother Nature has given us a bit of a reprieve and allowed us to finish all of our work before the sap starts to follow.

“The fluffy snow hasn’t created any pack in the woods so getting around is tough,” says Ira Marvin, Farm manager, “even with snowshoes on, we’re going right down to the ground.”

“The snow has slowed down work in the woods significantly. When temperatures are below zero everything takes a bit longer too.” Marvin notes.

The rule of thumb has been to start tapping on town meeting day, the first Tuesday in March. Now we start in January. “This year we’ve just had a bit later finish, but it looks like the season will start later, too,” says Ira. Now it’s time to wait for the warm weather and the sap flows.