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2015 Maple Sugaring: Season Wrap-Up

The season ended on drum number 129 for us. We made a little over 3lbs per tap – far from a record breaking crop – average in historical terms and disappointing compared to the record seasons of the past several years. Having the season squeezed into a short 3 weeks has its challenges. Long days and a lot of stress wondering exactly how much syrup you’ll be able to make before the weather changes. Add to that, a couple of equipment malfunctions and at moments the season felt like the perfect storm. Thankfully, the syrup we produced had great flavor and was a good mixture of grade classes from Golden Delicate, to Amber Rich, to Dark Robust. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of syrup this season.

We were fortunate to welcome a number of visitors to our sugarhouse this season. Sharing what we do during the height of the season is always fun. There isn’t anything more special than the sight of steam rising, the smell of maple in the air and the taste of fresh syrup. Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate but this season – she did and most of the folks that came through had a chance to see sugaring in action.

We’re also fortunate that many of the sugarmakers with whom we work had better seasons than we did. For most, the quality of the syrup produced was similar to that of our production – very good. However, for many they also had a season’s production nearly in line with last year, one of the best years on record. So, we’ll go into the year with enough syrup to meet all of our needs.

We’ve headed out into the woods to pull taps and should be done by the first week of May. We’re enjoying the sights and sounds of approaching summer and warmer days.