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2015 Maple Sugaring: Sun, Sap, Syrup

With 64 drums in the last week we’ve more than doubled our crop. As of last night we’ve filled drum #95. It’s still a far cry from a full crop for us. On 17,000 taps we consider a crop to be about 200 drums.

We tend to talk about the season in terms of how many drums we produced – what does this mean in terms of gallons? On our farm the drums we fill are 38 gallons each, so to date, we’ve made about 3,500 gallons.

We’re finding that the season is shaping up to be one of warm sugar bushes versus cold ones – where the former is faring better than the later. This season will turn, like all the others, on what mother nature has in store for us weather-wise. The forecast for the week ahead is warm – too warm. If it holds true then the sugaring season will quickly come to an end.

So, we anxiously await the signs of spring – hoping they don’t arrive quickly – geese migrating, buds opening, crocuses flowering, frogs peeping. What signs of spring have you seen?