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2017 Sugaring Season: A Great Weekend For Sugaring!

Wow, what a weekend for sugaring! Here in Johnson, we had one of the better runs of the 2017 season. We kicked off the weekend with around 7,000 gallons at 2.4% and filled drum #148 on Friday. The sap started to run Sunday afternoon. The releaser had been running non stop at a rate of 2,000+ gallons an hour. There was around 4,000 gallons of sap in the tanks and our new RO was just keeping up. We took a short break at 1:30am this morning, making 12 drums, bringing out total to 170. We were back at it at 5am this morning, with 1,500 gallons of 7% concentrate and 6,500 gallons of sap. It is still running at 1,500 gallons per hour, so it should be another great day! The forecast today calls for a high of 72 degrees and a big dose of sunshine. So the question on our mind: When will the sap slow down? Here’s a few photos from our busy weekend. Enjoy!