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2017 Sugaring Season: Season Wrap-Up

Another great year!

By mid-February, the weather was warm enough to get the sap flowing. We tapped the old section (18,500 taps) as well as a new section (1,500 taps). After checking the tubing and mainline for leaks and digging them all out, we ran our new reverse osmosis (RO) machine and had our first boil on February 21st, filling 3/4 of a drum.

Our crazy Vermont weather, along with our furry critter neighbors kept us quite busy with checking, digging out and fixing lines throughout the season. We were hit with winter storm Stella on March 14th, which dumped 3 feet of snow. By the end of March, we had filled 98 drums and had the joy of experiencing a power outage for a few hours, after a good sap run.

We finally had some great sugaring weather the first week of April, with the sap flowing increasing during the daytime as the snow came off the trees. Last week, we had one of the better runs of the season, with the releaser running nonstop. Sugaring season ended on drum #208 this past Saturday April 15th. We made about 4.7 pounds per tap and a total of 8,200 gallons, which was not too far from where we ended last season. We will now head out into the woods to pull taps.

We are so grateful to our incredible farm crew. Here’s a few photos from our busy season.