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2017 Sugaring Season: Tap the Sap

Hello and Happy New Year! We started tapping in early January this year, working our way up the mountain and adding a new section this year. The new section is over 2 miles from the sugarhouse, so there is plenty of pipe to tie and keep us busy. The new section should add around 1,600 additional taps this year, making our total around 19,500 taps.

Last year we lacked reverse osmosis (RO) capacity which slowed down our whole syrup making process. To remedy this problem, we purchased a third RO this year. This new machine will take the sap from 2% and concentrate to 8-14% before it is process by a second RO, which will concentrate to 18+ so we can begin to boil. We are excited to see what Mother Nature has in store for us. Now it’s time to wait for the warm weather and the sap flows. Stay tuned for more updates!