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2022 Sugaring Season Update: April 1-4

Last Thursday afternoon / evening (3/31), we had one of the best sap runs of the year with 44,000 gallons of sap in total! All the tanks outside had been filled (roughly 22,000 gallons). On Friday morning, when our crew arrived at the sugarhouse there was around 1,000 gallons of empty sap storage left inside (22,000 gallons of sap). When we say our crew arrived in the morning, we mean 1:45am! They started up the RO to process the sap, boiled and kept everything running throughout the day. Thank you to our crew – Fran, Adam, Doug and Andrew!

It was a great sugaring day. and it continued to be a great sugaring weekend at the farm. The weather was perfect! Sap ran well during the day and froze at night.