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2022 Sugaring Season Update: March 23

We have had a good couple of weeks and ended yesterday on drum 133. The sugar content is higher than last year at 1.8-2. But no sugaring season would be complete without a few hiccups and this year is no different. Our reverse osmosis machine should be running between 4000-5000 gallons of sap at 20+ brix. It has been processing 2400-2700 gallons of sap an hour and at 16-20%. Yesterday a tech looked at the machine and recommend new membranes and they are being installed today.  Getting higher brix from the RO (20+) is essential because it reduces the amount of oil required for the evaporator to make a gallon of syrup. We still have a lot of sap left to process this year. With the weather forecast for the next few days it will be hard to know what will happen. Will it be warm enough for a sap run? Only time will tell.