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23 Holiday Gifts That Will Satisfy Every Kind of Foodie On Your List

The Christmas tree has been chopped down, anchored to the stand and decorated with glitzy ornaments and lights. The maple shortbread cookies have been rolled in cranberry sugar and baked to perfection. The menorah has been lit and the donuts have been devoured. Now it’s time to fulfill the holiday wish lists of friends, family and co-workers alike. If your home office has transitioned into a North Pole outpost for the season, we have a few ideas for what to get the foodies on your list that’ll satisfy their every craving.

Pure Vermont maple is more than just a souvenir from the Green Mountain State. It’s a robust ingredient that elevates and amplifies recipes across regions and cuisines. Because of its status as a pure sweetener, and its versatility in sweet and savory preparations, it has found its way into the ingredient list of delicious products that are packaged and ready to stuff into fireside stockings.

For the snacker, the sandwich aficionado, the dessert lover, the baker and the resident bartender on your list, there’s a little something for everyone from Vermont and beyond this holiday season. We wish you a merry shopping experience and a very happy holiday!

Picture Credit (From Left to Right): Quinn, Ploughgate Creamery, Champlain Orchards, Sweet on Vermont

Butternut Mountain Farm

Taste of Vermont

First things first. Pure Vermont maple syrup as is, in its purest form! Explore the flavors of Vermont through the three varieties of Grade A pure Vermont maple syrup. Golden Delicate, Amber Rich, and Dark Robust are bottled up and packed together for someone special on your list to taste test and decide for themselves which they’d most like to drench over their pancakes, stir into baking recipes and maybe just take a straight shot of to re-energize.

88 Acres

Cinnamon Maple Seed + Oat Bars, 9 Bars

Give someone’s pantry a snack makeover. Using real maple syrup and spices that evoke autumn, whoever is lucky enough to receive a pack of these bars in their stocking will start 2022 lunches off the right way.

Ploughgate Creamery

Cultured Butter, “The Original”, Set of Three

Upgrade everything from your baking to your toast with cultured Vermont butter. Ploughgate Creamery’s Cultured Maple Butter melts sweetly over popovers and is the best option for the pat of butter you’d place on the tippy top of your pancake stack. Wrap a bow around this butter and keep it in the fridge!

Base Culture

Maple Almond Butter
Prices vary

This is for the friend who does not know a smoothie, sandwich or oatmeal without a helping of nut butter. Your friend’s stocking, and almond butter in general, just got a sweet boost from pure Vermont maple syrup with Base Culture’s Maple Almond Butter!

Sweet Laurel Bakery

Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting

Shipping nationwide, treat the baking enthusiast in your life to a cake they didn’t have to bake themselves. Sweetened with organic maple syrup, this gift won’t take too long to open and devour.

Burlington Beer Co.

Seances & Sacrifices Beer
Prices Vary

Distributing to much of the northeast, you may be lucky enough to find a 4 pack of beer brewed with pure Vermont maple syrup. And really, what’s better for the craft beer lover in your life than receiving a pack of beer from Vermont that uses the real stuff in their brew?

Champlain Orchards

Mac & Maple Half Case

Pure Dark Robust maple syrup and Macintosh apples collaborate in a can for a cider that’s a must have. Fill a lucky gift recipient’s fridge with a half case of the Mac & Maple cider from Champlain Orchards and 3.5% of the proceeds will go to which works to help protect Vermont agriculture!

St. Johnsbury Distillery
Dun’s Maple Rum

Spice up the bar with a maple rum, and turn your cocktails into the delicious maple versions of themselves. You can find a bottle of this special rum in Vermont and Massachusetts.

Epic Provisions

Smoked Salmon Snack Strip, Box of 20

Made with maple sugar, Epic’s Smoked Salmon Snack Strips will keep any snacker fueled throughout their day.

Picture Credit (From Left to Right): Butternut Mountain Farm, 88 Acres, Sir Kensington’s, Big Spoon Roasters

Vermont Smoke and Cure

Maple Teriyaki Grass Fed Beef Sticks, 24 Count

You get a beef stick, you get a beef stick and you get a beef stick. We all get Maple Teriyaki Beef Sticks from Vermont Smoke and Cure in our stockings with this 24 Count of their Maple Teriyaki flavor!

Mixed Up Nut Butter

Maple Bliss

A party of nuts (walnuts, pecans and cashews to be more precise), this nut butter is amplified with the taste of robust maple syrup. Perfect for all those smoothie bowls you see on your friend’s Instagram, a jar of this magical nut butter will go a long way in their culinary creations.

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

Maple Creams

For the person who enjoys the sweeter things in life but has nut allergies, you can count on Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. We must say their Maple Creams are otherworldly. Reviews rave that the chocolate is “crazy smooth” and the maple cream inside is even smoother.

Bola Granola

The Perfect Jar

When you fill Bola Granola’s The Perfect Jar with their Barely Sweet Granola, which uses pure Vermont maple syrup, you’re not only gifting delicious granola, you’re gifting a 36oz jar for the granola lover to store their homemade granola. Speaking of homemade granola, we love this recipe from our website.

Sir Kensington’s

Spicy Brown Mustard
Prices Vary

Did you know that there are awards for mustard? Did you know that Sir Kensington’s Spicy Brown Mustard, made with pure Vermont maple syrup, received the gold medal? Help your foodie friend meet their high sandwich standards at home when you level up their pantry with a jar of this mustard.

Big Spoon Roasters

Maple Cinnamon Peanut and Pecan Butter

The perfect gift for us? A jar of a specialty nut butter that uses pure Vermont maple syrup paired with a shiny new spoon to clean the jar out with.

Yolo Snacks

Maple Popcorn, 28 Bags

The perfect stocking stuffer exists and it’s this maple popcorn. Whether you need a little sweet something for everyone at work or want each stocking on your mantle to be popping with flavor, these bags of maple popcorn will do the trick.

Picture Credit (From Left to Right): Vermont Nut Free Chocolates, Vermont Smoke & Cure, Side Hill Farm, The Bruery

Viari Chocolates

Vermont Chocolate Dipped Maple Brittle with Almonds
Prices Vary

Made with pure Vermont maple syrup, brittle doesn’t get much better than this. Finished with a silky chocolate dip, we recommend ordering a box or yourself!

The Bruery

Sticky Nanners Flapjack Stout

Pastry stouts are a delicious addition to the fridge for the craft beer lover in your life. Especially when that stout is inspired by pancakes dripping with maple syrup.

Side Hill Farm

Strawberry Peach Jam, 9oz

Elevate any sandwich with a smooth smear of Side Hill Farm jams. A variety of flavors amplify toast and sandwiches for the person in your life who likes to play around in the kitchen.

Brass Roots

Sacha Inchi Seed Butter

Peanut and tree-nut free, this seed butter is slightly sweetened with pure Vermont maple sugar and can be smeared on toast and added to smoothies wherever a recipe would call for a classic nut butter.

Farm & Oven

Pumpkin Maple Pecan Soft Baked Bites

Who doesn’t like cookies? We sure do and we will accept any and all packets in our stockings. Farm & Oven’s Pumpkin Maple Pecan flavor are welcomed in any and all stockings this year.

Mylk Labs

Cultivated Blueberry and Vermont Maple Oatmeal Cups, 6 Pack

We all know that person who dashes out the door before breakfast. Make sure they can at least stuff the most important meal of the day in their tote. These oatmeal cups provide real flavor for an on-the-go meal.


Vermont Maple Kettle Corn, 8 Bags

For the movie lover in your life, make sure they have the right accoutrements for an at-home movie theatre experience. Quinn’s Vermont Maple Kettle Corn brings the best of a movie theatre’s concession stand to your kitchen. And we really mean best. Quinn uses farm-to-bag ingredients, taking the fake stuff out of snacking.

Happy Holidays!