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6 Easy Back To School Snacks Your Kids (And You!) Will Love

Summer’s sun is setting and the apple orchards are filling with fall fruit. This means it’s almost time for the yellow busses to roll through town and the school year to begin! After a busy summer one thing is on our minds: easy back to school snacks. The kinds you can throw together. The kinds that don’t have too many ingredients. Better yet, the kinds you don’t need to turn the oven on for. And yet the kind the kids will love. We can help you with that!

It’s not hard to love real maple syrup. The wholesome sweetener is, well, sweet! But more than simply being sweet, maple syrup is a flavor enhancer. Instead of tasting hurt-your-teeth sweet like most processed sugars taste, real maple syrup has a robust profile that lends itself to the overall flavor of your treat. It can even be used in savory snacks without stealing the show. We love to swirl some into dips to embolden the flavor of your scoop. Granola batches, pickles and even hummus can all be made better with a little bit of maple.

Once the lunchboxes have been washed and ready for the first day, here’s what we think you can fill them with:

No Bake Maple Blueberry Yogurt Granola Bars
Granola you don’t have to bake? Count us in! Save these bars for after school snacks everyone will love. After making a batch, keep them stored in the freezer where they can be enjoyed all week long. The toasted granola mixed with coconut oil and maple syrup results in a chewy bite that’s made better by the cool maple yogurt layer atop it. It tastes like a dessert you can sneak in before dinner.

Maple Roasted Carrot Hummus
Make a batch of this maple roasted carrot hummus now and divide it into multiple lunch boxes for the week ahead. Whether served with pita chips or logs of celery, this is a great way to get vegetables into the bag. We think this dip is the perfect accoutrement to any sandwich, just make sure you make enough to enjoy some yourself.

Maple Nut Granola
We love keeping a jar of homemade granola around. Plus, it fills the kitchen with a toasty aroma. While this recipe directs bakers to mix the ingredients in a stand mixer, you can do so with a wooden spoon in any large mixing bowl for the sake of ease. And once they’re in the oven all you have to do is wait! This is perfect for mornings that feel rushed, as a snack in lunches, or after school.

Refrigerator Quick Pickles
Whether adding to a sandwich or on the side of a sandwich, you can make these pickles quickly and have them devoured just as fast. We suggest making them Sunday night to have them ready by Monday morning.

Raw Maple Cashew Energy Balls
Energy is important, and these Raw Maple Cashew balls will help fuel the school day ahead! These energy balls require no cook time. All you have to do is blend ingredients together until they take shape! In lieu of nuts – for the sake of food allergies – try using pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds! They’re perfect for a quick breakfast or as a treat in lunch.

Maple Vanilla Chia Pudding
Need a fast breakfast? Try Chia Pudding! You won’t have to turn on a toaster or stove in the early morning. Just open your fridge, add fresh fruit and squeeze some maple syrup on top! It’s just as easy for a lunch, too!

For the ultimate easy snack, turn to the red box of Maple Leaf Sandwich Cream Cookies! These delectable treats are a special dessert and a welcomed sight to see tucked in the lunchbox. We’ll admit to eating half the box in a single sitting!