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6 Reasons Why We Love Maple Butter

When it comes to dressing up pancakes, oatmeal and slices of fresh bread pure maple’s robust flavor is incomparable. Coveted for its natural sweetness, you don’t have to be from New England to appreciate its recipe enhancement ability. While we always have a jug of pure maple syrup in our fridge, there’s another maple product we use frequently: pure maple butter.

Just as there are plenty of ways to use maple butter, there are plenty of reasons to love maple butter. Its smooth, creamy texture. Its flavor profile. Its versatility. This simple condiment can make anything on your plate, or in your cup, a little more decadent. We’re sharing all the reasons why we love pure maple butter below.

It won’t spill

Pancakes are a delightful sponge for maple syrup. But what if we told you that you don’t need to pour maple over pancakes to enjoy the flavor? Maple butter delivers that caramel flavor profile we all love atop a tower of puffy pancakes without any accidental spills that lead to a wasted puddle of liquid gold on your plate.

It jazzes up any ordinary bowl of breakfast

A bowl of oatmeal becomes a crater filled with deliciousness the second you add a dollop of maple butter. Sure, fruit and spices can elevate any bowl of oatmeal, but maple butter gives hot oats a spectacularly sweet finish that will have you looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast the second you finish the last spoonful.

Try a dollop of maple butter in a bowl of 5-minute raspberry oatmeal tomorrow morning!

It’s the perfect spread

Does your slice of banana bread need a little something extra? Look no further than the creamy and spreadable maple butter. Maple butter effortlessly adds a finishing touch to everything from a soft slice of bread to a banana split sundae. Its creaminess will melt into a hot slice of toast, seeping its flavor into the crumb.

It pairs well with jams

Peanut butter and jelly are a classic culinary coupling. But maple butter pairs well with jam too! Strawberry jam and maple butter swirl together to create a flavor bursting concoction you’ll want to add to crackers, toast, and every charcuterie board from this point forward.

The texture!

We’ll admit we consume maple butter straight from the jar. Silky and smooth, a spoonful of maple butter tastes as luxurious as it looks. Upon opening a jar natural separation may have occurred leaving a pool of maple syrup on top of the butter. Simply stir your jar together until it’s uniform again. And then dollop, spread or devour straight from the spoon.

There are so many ways to use it

In a maple blended coffee. On your toast. Slathered across a piece of coffee cake. You can get creative with your uses of pure maple butter. Whether as a smear or a flavor enhancer, dollop a tablespoon or two into your cherished marinade recipe for a sweet kick of maple or in a bowl of overnight oats. No matter the cuisine or time of day, maple butter has a rightful place in the recipe.