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6 Things to Bake This Fall 2023

The leaves are performing their annual awe-striking transformation, turning Vermont’s verdant landscape into a kaleidoscope of warm yellow, red, and orange shades. And all this leaf peeping makes us hungry! If the changing of seasons inspires you to pre-heat your oven to 350F too, we’d like to share six recipes to bake this fall.

With orchards inviting the public to pluck bushels of apples from their trees, and pumpkin patches displaying an appetizing array of winter squash awaiting roasting and a shower of pumpkin spice, there are many things to bake. Using maple syrup as a sweetener not only adds a wholesome element to your baking, but it also enriches batches of baked goods. Rich and robust, real maple syrup elevates the fall flavors folded into your cookies or loaf of bread.

Use Grade A Golden, Delicate for buttery, subtle notes of maple. Grade A Amber, Rich brings classic maple flavor to the mix. And Grade A Dark, Robust is ideal for baking thanks to its delectable, deeper flavor with hints of caramel.

Whatever recipes your whisk graces this fall we hope you incorporate a little bit of real maple syrup. Here are six recipes to get your started.

Maple Yogurt Bread with Apple Cider Glaze

This quick and easy yogurt bread tastes like fall. It’s entirely sweetened with Dark, Robust maple syrup (using 1 cup!) and spiced with a blend of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. It’s glazed with a sweet apple cider frosting and the toasted pepitas give the soft bite some crunchy texture. Enjoy for breakfast with a mug of coffee or for dessert!

Maple Winter Squash Scones

Maple pairs favorably with winter squash, and the pure maple glaze that zig-zags atop the winter squash scone is further proof of this robust and delicious combination. Use pumpkin puree, butternut squash puree, honeynut squash puree, or a combination!

Maple Apple Pull Apart Bread

If the excited energy of Autumn was supercharged by the rush of a dozen cider donuts and resulted in an overabundance of apples, we have a resolve. This recipe will take 4 of your tart baking apples (like Granny Smith or Mutsu) off your hands, er, counter. The glaze in this recipe is on the runnier side. Use up to a cup more powdered sugar to thicken it. You can use this maple glaze recipe as well.

Maple Apple Galette

It’s pie season. Sure, you can pop pies into the oven anytime of year. But a kitchen absent of humidity entices us to use our oven more often. A galette uses the same dough as pie but is freer in its form. This recipe celebrates maple sugar.

Same Day Maple White Bread

We are in a constant rotation of baking this same-day maple white bread that makes soft slices for sandwiches. Build a classic Vermonter sandwich on it or toast and sprinkle with maple sugar and cinnamon.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Savory pumpkin is electrified by the warm aromatic blend of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger. A rich, robust maple flavor is present thanks to the sugar and bit of syrup stirred in. It all results in a scrumptious batch of 24 cookies that will be gone in under 24 hours. Enjoy these with a warm glass of cider under your favorite blanket while watching the amber leaves fall!