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6 Ways to Spice Cooking Up With Maple Sugar Seasoning

Vermont has many seasons, and Maple Sugar Seasoning is our favorite.

Okay, it may be a culinary seasoning instead of a calendar season, but the sentiment remains. Of all the seasons that turn through our state, and all the seasonings that fill up our spice rack, it’s Maple Sugar Seasoning that what we look forward to sprinkling and mixing into our daily routine recipes.

Our Maple Sugar Seasoning is composed of our organic maple sugar, chiles, and a combination of spices to create limitless cooking potential. Why maple sugar? Most rubs and seasoning mixtures include brown or white sugar for its caramelizing capabilities. Because maple sugar can be used in place of brown or white sugar, the same is true! But maple sugar brings something else to the table. Because it’s a wholesome sweetener with no artificial flavorings, it imparts a natural, robust profile for some seriously complimentary flavor enhancement.

And so there are many dishes that welcome the spice into the recipe, from savory breakfasts to satisfying dinners. Our advice? Add a dash wherever you may season!

In Eggs

The fastest way to spruce up your morning scramble is to add a few shakes of Maple Sugar Seasoning to the yolks. To achieve the kind of scrambled eggs you’ll crave every morning, let the salt and seasoning sit in the bowl of unscrambled eggs for about 5 minutes. Then, whisk the eggs until they’re a bit frothy. Pour into your pan, and scramble as you’d normally do. The seasoning adds a savory depth to each bite that takes an ordinary breakfast to a gourmet level. All thanks to just a sprinkle of maple sugar seasoning!

In Panko or Breadcrumb Mixture

When applying a panko or breadcrumb crust to your chicken tenders or fried cheese or breaded cauliflower, stir in a teaspoon of Maple Sugar Seasoning! This results in a boost of flavor on your plate, and no leftovers.

Try it in Fried Feta with Maple Balsamic Glaze

In Sauces & Marinades

Thanks to its blend of spices, including smoked paprika and organic ground mustard, this seasoning finds a welcoming home in an array of sauces. Spice up store-bought tomato sauces on the stove with a sprinkle of Maple Sugar Seasoning or, like us, blend the seasoning into homemade pesto sauce for a spectacular bite of your next sauce slathered dish!

Try Leek Pepita Pesto

In Salad Dressings

When adding your typical salt and pepper to the salad dressing jar, add a half teaspoon of Maple Sugar Seasoning too. Any ordinary olive oil-based vinaigrette will be elevated by the seasoning. A sure way to spruce up a bowl of fresh greens.

In Dips

We drag chips and crudité through dip to coat them in a layer of flavor. Cooking with a smokey, sweet, savory selection of spices makes everything better. Maple Sugar Seasoning compliments plenty of dips. From roasted carrot hummus to whipped goat cheese, a teaspoon addition of Maple Sugar Seasoning electrifies the dip’s flavor profile.

Try Maple Roasted Carrot Hummus Dip

On Meat, Poultry and Fish

When it comes to the grill, seasoning is sacred. Quality spices compliment quality cuts of meat. Maple Sugar Seasoning combines the savory flavors of mustard, onion, smoked paprika, and chiles with a sweet interlude of organic maple sugar. Achieving lip-licking flavor is as easy as stirring a spoonful of seasoning into your marinade. Let shrimp, salmon, and chicken thighs bathe in a bowl of seasoning before grilling and relish in the reflection of a messy, empty plate.