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7 Pure Maple Syrup Salad Dressings That’ll Have You Never Buying Dressing Again

Local produce fills out a salad, but we’d argue that a delicious dressing is what makes it. We’re used to reliable store-bought bottles to coat greens, but once you begin to emulsify your own flavors, you’ll never go back to the salad dressing aisle. Add a spoonful or pure Vermont maple syrup to the ingredient list and you will be mixing up dressings that are so good you’ll be craving a forkful of greens every night.

We took a step back to ponder what makes a salad dressing the kind of salad dressing you want to scoop up with a piece of bread at the end of each bowl. A quality olive oil is a prominent must. And it should be noted that seasonings matter. Don’t leave out the salt, maple pepper, garlic salt, oregano, or other go-to spices! Most importantly, we find that it’s crucial to add a spoonful of pure Vermont maple syrup to elevate it all.

Easy to pair with a multitude of ingredients and flavor profiles, maple syrup makes a salad dressing gourmet. It’s naturally sweet nature melds savory flavors together without overpowering the combination. Where you’d squeeze honey into salads, try pure Vermont maple syrup instead.

To get you started, we developed five salad dressings using pure Vermont maple syrup that’ll have you never buying store-bought dressing again.

Sweet Heat Shallot Dressing

Bright and spicy, this dressing stars atop any lush bowl of leafy greens. Its herbaceous and garlicy flavor make it a dressing you’ll want to soak up with a piece of bread once you get to the bottom of the bowl. Fit for salads full of fresh vegetables and those simple salads served as a side of lettuce, you can whip this dressing up in minutes no matter the occasion.

Roasted Garlic Maple Dressing

Roasted garlic will take any ordinary side salad and make it the main course. Roasted in the oven for an hour the garlic caramelizes and takes on a salt-sweet-savory profile thanks to a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and our Bourbon Barrel Aged maple syrup. Pour over a big bowl of fresh greens filled with croutons, apple slices, pomegranate seeds and grilled shrimp!

Maple Lemon Parmesan Dressing

When you’re in the mood for something bright in the middle of winter, pour this dressing over a grain bowl full of quinoa, farro, grilled chicken, cucumbers and shaved carrots. It’s delightfully fresh with just the right amount of salty sweetness.

Jalapeno-Cilantro Dressing

This dressing can be put together and poured over a big bowl of salad greens in less than five minutes. Gathering your ingredients is the most time consuming direction this recipe requires! Simply combine all of the ingredients in a blender and mix for a few seconds until it comes together in an almost-creamy consistency.

Maple Miso

Sweet and umami join forces to make your salmon, noodles, vegetables, and salad dishes the most requested recipes in your repertoire! We love this over a bowl full of shaved cucumbers and carrots.

Maple Tahini

If it’s a nuttier dressing you’re craving, look no further than the Maple Tahini dressing. The sesame paste and maple syrup work together seamlessly to create a creamy coating for kale salads filled with root vegetables. A side of toast is encouraged!

Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette

When it comes to tossing a salad together, we’re looking for a dressing that isn’t a process of slicing and dicing. We’re about getting back to the basics. The straightforward vinaigrette is a reliable dressing you can whisk together in minutes and pour over big bowls of leafy greens.