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7 Ways to Use Pure Maple Butter

You may have asked yourself, what is pure maple butter? We’re delighted to let you know that all pure maple butter is, is pure maple syrup! Pure maple butter is free of dairy and free of any other additives. The process of making maple butter simply involves stirring maple syrup until a thick consistency develops. What results is a creamy, delectable treat that smears across toast, pancakes and popovers.

However, we look at pure maple butter as more than just a spread. It’s a dipping sauce for fruit, an accoutrement to morning oatmeal bowls, and a flavor enhancer used in no bake baking. Always having a jar in the fridge ensures that you’ll always have a way to spruce up any tired recipe.

Here is a little insight into how we’re using pure maple butter for breakfast and beyond.

Scooped in oatmeal

As mentioned above, we’re scooping a spoonful of maple butter into our morning bowl of oats. Stirring a spoonful through the oats spreads the sweetness.

In no bake baking

No bake baking is a great way to make something delicious with minimal ingredients and effort. Typically, recipes call for the use of nut butter. We have found that reducing the called for nut butter by a tablespoon or two adding pure maple butter in its place leads to a more robust no bake treat.

Smeared on toast

A delectable spread, pure maple butter on toast is purely sensational. With a simple toast of bread (we prefer a slice of homemade maple bread) and a smear of creamy maple butter, you have yourself a filling snack. Scatter some fresh fruit atop for an even more delicious combination.

To flavor pie fillings

We’re big fans of apple caramel pie. The addition of the caramel gives the pie a more complex bite. Swirling a tablespoon or two of pure maple butter into a fruit pie filling livens up the flavor, adding sweetness and texture.

Dollop in smoothies

Just as you would pour a tablespoon or so of pure maple syrup, you can scoop a spoonful of pure maple butter into the mix to spruce it up. Delightfully sweet and creamy, the butter helps meld all the flavors together for a perfect sip.

Over popovers

In place of pure maple syrup, use pure maple butter to smear over popovers and pancakes for a sweet topping.

Eat it out of the jar

Taking a spoon straight to the jar of pure maple butter is a perfectly appropriate way to use the product. We must admit that this is our most common way of using maple butter, especially when our sweet tooth strikes.

Whether you’re dipping fruit (or a spoon) into the jar or spreading it across a piece of toast, pure maple butter is a delicious way to get a taste of pure Vermont maple syrup. Make sure to keep your jar in the fridge once opened! Separation may occur overtime. Simply stir pure maple butter to return to its consistency. And enjoy!