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A Maple Glaze For Fall Baking

Pumpkin scones! Pumpkin bread! Apple muffins! Our autumnal baking bucket list is as long as an unraveled cinnamon roll. As fall flavors take back their reign of recipes, it’s imperative to keep maple syrup on hand (if only for this maple glaze that’s fit for all baking purposes).

Once the ice in our coffees holds it shape and the first cable knit is pulled from storage, the flavors of fall emerge. Pumpkin spice, crisp apples, and maple find their way into lattes, cakes, and oatmeal. While we’re a fan of maple syrup year-round, its flavor profile enhances the taste of this specific season.

Real maple syrup isn’t just sweet, it’s rich and robust, bringing extra dimension to your confections. Grade A Dark, Robust has notes of caramel, making it a wholesome choice for sweetening baked goods. With its classic maple flavor, Grade A Amber, Rich becomes a flavor amplifier in frostings and granolas. We recommend using either in this glaze recipe for a stronger maple flavor.

Our maple glaze recipe is extremely easy to make. It’s perfect to smear over cinnamon rolls and pour over scones. Easily adjust the ingredients to find your ideal consistency. Less milk means a thicker glaze reminiscent of a frosting. Adding more milk (or maple, depending upon your preferred taste), will thin the glaze for an easier pour.

Should something go awry in the baking process and your scones or cinnamon rolls lack the flavor you were lusting for, this maple glaze will cover muted taste with flavor. A baking band-aid, if you will.

This is a glaze you can rely on – whether you want to introduce the real flavor of maple to your baking or quickly rescue a bad batch.

Whatever is on your baking roster this season we hope this glaze can be the cherry on top of your carrot cake. Find the recipe here.