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A New Look For Butternut Mountain Farm

How we look – the labels we have, the logo we use – is just one of many forms of expression of our brand. Inspired by the knowledge that the maple syrup grades would be changing and that this would necessitate a broad change of our labels, we undertook a review of our visual identity. We listened to what folks had to say about Butternut Mountain Farm, and we discovered that we’d built a strong connection with folks visually but that it could be more prominently linked to us as a company.

To strengthen this connection, we designed a new logo – one that offers greater versatility because of its shape and structure. A new logo that integrates our corporate name and tells people more about who we are and what we do (not only are we Butternut Mountain Farm, but WE ARE the Vermont Maple Sugar Company). A new logo that complements the artwork that has been a part of Butternut Mountain Farm’s identity for the last 15 years. So, in the coming weeks and months you’ll be seeing this new identity appearing more and more frequently and by the end of 2014 it should be completely phased in (it’ll be appearing on labels as we transition to the new grading system over the summer).

We know that Butternut Mountain Farm is more than just words or images. It’s a compilation of what each of us here do every day. It’s built each time we answer the phone, conduct a quality check, have a conversation, taste a batch of maple syrup, receive drums from a producer, load a truck… It’s built through the collective actions we take to ensure that we are providing safe, quality products; extraordinary service; and a genuine commitment to the industry and stewardship of our woodlands.