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A Sweet Squeeze

This July, Butternut Mountain Farm will release a new product that will change the way we use maple syrup.

The company has developed a squeeze bottle that eliminates the mess, waste and poor portion control of the traditional, clunky maple syrup bottle. The granddaughters of the company’s founder came up with the idea for the squeeze container. Sensing that the idea could lead to a great innovation, their mother, Emma Marvin, the company’s marketing director, set off on a yearlong quest to create the perfect package.

The new design eliminates the sticky mess that typically accompanies maple syrup. And as Marvin points out, now you don’t have to worry about your kids dumping half a bottle of syrup all over their pancakes. The squeeze bottle also makes cooking with maple syrup more convenient and encourages its use as a condiment.

Marvin developed and experimented with several prototypes in her kitchen, finally choosing a design that fit well in the hand and was easy to use. Her daughter put it to the test on their cereal, oatmeal and yogurt.

“It works like a charm,” Marvin said. “Maple shouldn’t be relegated to the back of the fridge because of awkward packaging. The squeeze bottle brings us into the 21st century.”