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A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life

Somehow, it’s suddenly February. We have entered the month that’s decorated with hearts and dazzled with sweet things. Don’t worry, if this month – and Cupid’s holiday – snuck up on you too we put together this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide that will suit every person you’re looking to shower with a love as pure as maple syrup.

Just as maple syrup isn’t only for pancakes, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic partners. February 14th is a day to show anyone you care for that you appreciate them. Upgrade your best friend’s morning beverage with a splash of infused syrups. Wake the kids up to a plate full of Maple Leaf Cookies. Recognize the tireless work of your partner with waffles in bed.

Chocolate may melt and flowers may wilt, but maple syrup keeps on pouring. Did you know that Sugar Maple trees can be tapped season after season? That makes maple nature’s gift that keeps on giving. This sentiment remains once the maple syrup has been bottled. Instead of being a one use product, maple syrup (which we affectionately refer to as liquid gold) enriches plates of breakfast, lunch and inner for months to come.

If you find that you’re stumped on how to show your love this Valentine’s Day and want to avoid the last minute run to the local grocer’s candy aisle, look no further than the list below where there’s something for everyone.

For the person who loves a mixed drink

Infused Maple Syrup Gift Box — $40.00

Take their love for a post 5pm cocktail to the bartending level with infused maple syrups. From Bourbon Barrel Aged to a Sweet Heat maple syrup infused with habanero peppers, there’s no Old Fashioned or Margarita this natural product can’t spruce up. They’ll feel like a true mixologist with a set of these infused syrups perched up on their bar.

For the person who always has a latte in hand

Infused Maple Syrup — $13.50

Spice up the daily latte your best friend or sibling always has in hand with a dash of Cinnamon or Vanilla infused maple syrup. A sip tastes like French toast in a mug, and the spiced up latte will feel more like a warm embrace than essential morning fuel.

For the person who deserves breakfast in bed

Breakfast Sampler Gift Box — $38.95

You know that person in your life who is up before the sun and doesn’t settle until the last item is struck off their to-do list? Recognize their dedication with a tray of breakfast. Towers of pancakes with maple syrup cascading down into a puddle of sweetness on the plate will make them feel like they’ve been whisked away to a quaint B&B.

For the sweetest kids you know

Maple Candy Gift Box — $24.50

It may not be Christmas morning, but Valentine’s Day can be just as exhilarating as descending down the stairs to a room full of gifts. Especially if there’s a bucket of maple syrup sweetened confections on the dining room table.

For the epicurean in your life

Cooking with Maple Gift Box — $39.00

Whether you love a home chef or a professional with their own commercial kitchen, an epicurean’s love for cooking is pure. Conveniently, so is real Vermont maple syrup and sugar. With no artificial coloring or additives, maple syrup and maple sugar become dish enhancing ingredients to create with. Gift this box of kitchen essentials and settle in for a dining experience.

For the one who can’t wait for grill season to fire up

Maple BBQ Sauce — $3.99

Who says you can’t grill when there’s a foot of snow on the ground? Accelerate to grilling season with a Maple Barbecue Sauce whose flavor profile is an exciting tango of sweet and tangy. Turn your stove into a grill and your living room into a picnic area and spoil the one you love who longs for summer cook outs.

For the always active athlete

Maple Syrup Pouch — $1.25

That person in your life who constantly posts their run or alpine ski to Strava? Show them that you’re cheering their athleticism on by gifting them an abundant quantity of 1oz maple syrup packets. They tuck themselves perfectly into jogging pants and winterwear so your beloved athlete can stay energized on the slopes. Plus, it’ll remind them that there’s always something sweet to look forward to. Like, the finish line.

For the one who deserves it all

Taste of Vermont Crate — $18.95

when you can’t settle on just one, don’t! The Taste of Vermont Crate which includes one 3.4 fl. oz. bottle of each grade of syrup. Explore the Golden, Amber and Dark classes of Grade A maple syrup, and match the flavor profiles to your most beloved dishes to create a memorable dinner. There’s that someone who deserves to have it all and now they can.

For the person with an eye for design

Maple Syrup Clasp Top — $27.00

The breakfast table gets an instant upgrade with the clasp top bottle upon it. Displaying the natural beauty of maple syrup, this bottle will accentuate the dining room aesthetic and please whomever you love with an eye for design and a craving for something sweet.