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All About Processing Grade Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup comes from wild-grown maple trees. Each spring sugarmakers across the 17 maple producing states and provinces tap maple trees, the source of this sweet elixir, and boil the sap into maple syrup. This process involves collecting sap through a system of tubing and evaporating the water in the sap to concentrate and caramelize the sugar. This results in the delicious maple flavor beloved on breakfast tables around the world.

Maple syrup is a versatile and wholesome sweetener with a flavor range that extends beyond pancakes. Between our Grade A maple syrup classifications and Processing Grade maple syrup, maple syrup is an ideal ingredient to include in any recipe.

Understanding the Grades

In 2015 the grading system of maple syrup changed, following the approved Canadian changes in 2014. The shift in the grading system harmonized the definition and grading system in both Canada and the United States. This modernized the grade and color classes of maple syrup, helping food manufacturers and consumers make more informed choices when buying pure maple syrup.

Within Grade A maple syrup there are four classifications: Golden, Delicate; Amber, Rich; Dark, Robust; Very Dark, Strong. Generally, the darker the syrup the more robust the flavor. Lighter syrup is harvested earlier in the season and the taste is more subtle.

The maple syrup that doesn’t fall within Grade A is known as Processing Grade.

Processing Grade

Our Processing Grade maple syrup has exceptional value as an ingredient in commercial products.

Processing Grade maple syrup is defined as any maple syrup that does not meet the Grade A requirements. It’s typically made at the end of the season as the weather warms. While Processing grade is not permitted for retail sale, it is suitable as an ingredient that meets all other maple regulations and food safety/food quality requirements.

It is a popular ingredient in food manufacturing, perfect as a sweetener for cereals and granola bars. If interested in learning more about our Processing Grade maple syrup for your product, please contact us at [email protected].