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A Fond Farewell to Reds, Oranges and Yellows

The silver lining to an unusually dry and warm fall is spectacular foliage-and how! New England at large was blessed with extended peak-like conditions that began in late September with the young and the old maple trees turning fire-engine red, and pumpkin orange, and ended just last week with the populars, birch and healthy maple trees that popped with every hue of yellow possible and seemed to last forever… All these near psychedelic colors set against the summer green grass was a stunning sight and made our morning commute feel like we were driving through a painting.

The news has reported that the tourist numbers reached a recorded high in both New Hampshire and Vermont – which for small, family run businesses is wonderful and welcomed.

The weather has been rainy and raw for the last week and there is a prediction of snow for the weekend. The inevitable is around the corner, the leaves are mostly down and brown, but our hearts and souls are still singing with color. Her’s hoping we can hold on to that feeling till sugaring season! 🙂