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August Updates From Butternut Mountain Farm

We checked in with our Forestry crew to see what they have been up to on Butternut Mountain these past few summer weeks! Fran, Forester at Butternut Mountain Farm, clued us into what the crew has been working on. Thankfully some of our crew was able to escape the heat wave and find work indoors. Adam and Dough helped expand the candy kitchen for one week. Once that was completed it was back to the sugarbush to tend to projects that affect sugaring.

“We have 5,000 taps that do not run to the sugarhouse,” Fran explains. “These 5,000 taps run to a little building on the west side of the sugarhouse. Sap is pumped from there to the sugarhouse in a 1 1/2 inch pipe.” When the pipe is full as it’s getting pumped, it gets heavy. To avoid any future sagging due to its weight, Dough has been putting posts up for support. “This is pretty important. Sap in the line could freeze.” Which would mean that the sap tank could overflow, and we don’t want that to happen.

Adam is thinning in the sugarwoods, removing trees from around the maple trees. “This should help tree health, tree hole healing rates and sap production,” Fran says.

As for Fran, he’s continuing to work with landowners in northern Vermont drafting forest management plans “that detail prescriptions to increase the health, diversity and value of their properties.” One lot, Fran shares, was a half hour ATV ride and two hours to the boundary line. “Great views once you got there though.”

The effort is always worth it in the end!

Thank you to our forestry crew!