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Avoiding Faux Maple

We’ve long lamented that pure maple syrup should be much more ubiquitous than it is. So much so that, some of us go to “extreme measures” to make sure we don’t find ourselves forced to order something simply because the pancakes will be served with a side of faux maple syrup. Carrying little bottles of pure maple syrup with us when traveling – stashed in our family backpack or oversized purses – is not uncommon for us. And, come to find out we aren’t alone in this plight to “keep it real” south of the Maple Belt.

Recently local writer Helen Labun Jordan shared her dismay at the abundance of the fake stuff she discovered while traversing the mid-Atlantic by bike on Vermont Public Radio. She shares, “The route was lined with carpets of bluebells, thickets of rhododendron, old lock houses, palisades, waterfalls and an alarming amount of fake maple syrup…I now believe this fake syrup issue may well represent a threat to cuisine, culture, and basically civilization.”

What trials and tribulations have you had finding pure maple syrup on the road? And what course of action did you take to make your experience more palatable?