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Celebrating Stuart MacFarland’s Career at Butternut Mountain Farm

Stuart MacFarland’s era at Butternut Mountain Farm began serendipitously. As a salesman for promotional products in Vermont, he delivered an order of mugs to David Marvin in Johnson, Vermont. “Turns out there was a problem with the mugs,” Stu recalls. But his impeccable customer service and instincts quickly smoothed over the error. That would lead to a job offer. And the whole mug situation would lead to a career at Butternut Mountain Farm that would span over three decades long.

Stuart’s first office was up the dirt road that leads to the sugarhouse. There were four crew members as far as production goes. Stuart even found himself lending a hand in Montgomery, cutting and lugging Christmas trees to the truck. He chuckles at the memory of sprawling out across the loaded truck from exhaustion.

Driving around Vermont, Stuart went payphone to payphone making calls and drove throughout the week to customers. There once was a situation in which Stu noticed someone else’s maple syrup bottles were bloated. He made the decision to alert the customer to the issue, stop a sale in process, and save the day. The rational being, if a person has a bad experience with pure maple syrup – even if it’s not Butternut Mountain Farm’s – they’ll most likely never buy any other bottle again. The customer was grateful for the interruption and is still a customer to this day. It’s because of Stu’s dedication to high quality customer service that this is the case.

Stu’s mantra was always, “if the customer is happy, they’ll always come back.” During his time at Butternut Mountain Farm, Stu forged strong relationships with many lasting customers. A firm believer in customer service, Stuart “always wanted [customers] to have a smile on their face” when he walked through the door. After 32 years, we can confidently confirm that he succeeded.

When it came to growing Butternut Mountain Farm, David Marvin says, “It couldn’t have happened without a great salesperson like Stu – one of integrity, drive, and willingness to work long and hard. It was most important that Stu cared about customer service more than the acquisition of a new customer, a trait to me that is essence of great selling.”

Butternut Mountain Farm is whole heartedly grateful to Stuart MacFarland for his work over the last 32 years.