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Creamtop? Whole Fat? Greek? All Our Favorite Yogurts Are Made With Maple

Do you have a favorite yogurt? Greek? Creamtop? Blended? Fruit on the bottom? Whipped? Whole Fat? Low Fat? Skyr? We do…maple.

Whether it’s maple flavored or simply sweetened with maple we can’t think of a better combination for a quick snack or breakfast on the go. It’s a natural pairing.

Yogurt makers like Brown Cow, Green Mountain Creamery, Wallaby, and Nancy’s Organic have long had maple as part of their line — as have regional favorites like Butterworks Farm, Straus Family Creamery, Maple Hill Creamery, and Seven Stars Farm.

Recently there have been some new additions to the field. Stonyfield Oh My Yog and Chobani’s Banana Maple Mighty Oats are examples of the pairing going well beyond the standard yogurt maple combo. They bring yogurt one step closer to breakfast by combining pure maple syrup and oats with yogurt. The combination meets consumer desires for a hearty, healthy quick and easy breakfast.

Looking for a bit more exotic maple yogurt combination? They’re out there too. Dreaming Cow Creamery of Georgia makes a maple ginger yogurt. We suspect they’re zippier maple combinations to come as formulators increasingly look towards natural wholesome flavors.

With the increasing research on the health benefits of pure maple – from reducing plaque build-up in the brain, to increasing the effectiveness of antibiotics, to the myriad of antioxidant compounds which it contains – pairing it with other superfoods makes perfect sense. Plus, with the push to reduce refined sugar – maple is a great alternative standard caloric sweetener.

Can’t find maple yogurt at your local grocery? It’s easy to transform plain yogurt at home. Choose your favorite yogurt style and simply add a touch of maple syrup. If you’re feeling like mixing it up try some of our favorite flavor pairings: Greek yogurt with maple apple and walnuts or blueberries and granola. Interested in expanding beyond the traditional flavor horizons? Try maple and five spice or maple and sage for a more sweet and savory combination.

Thinking about doing more than simply mixing maple into your next cup of yogurt? Whether you have questions about when to add pure maple or which grade of pure maple is right for your application – our team here at Butternut Mountain Farm can share our experiences and knowledge around how to successfully incorporate pure maple into your next R&D formulation.

Looking for a healthy and satisfying snack? Try this delicious maple yogurt parfait.