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Does Maple Syrup Go Bad?

You’ve opened a new bottle of maple syrup for Sunday brunch, drenched your pancakes in it, added a teaspoon to sweeten your coffee, and screwed the cap back on. Now what? Should maple be stored in the refrigerator or is it okay to keep out on the counter? And, while we’re wondering, does maple syrup go bad? As avid maple users, we can help you keep your maple almost as fresh as the day it came off the evaporator.

Maple syrup has a “best by” date but does not have an expiration date. While maple trees can live to 300 years old and be tapped for most of their life we wouldn’t recommend pouring 300-year-old maple syrup over your pancakes. Emma Marvin, second-generation owner of Butternut Mountain Farm, says, “the best before [date] is determined by the package style.” For Butternut Mountain Farm, our plastic packaging has a best by date two years after packaging. The best by date for our glass bottles is three years from packaging.

With all the incredible recipes you can use maple in, we’re confident that’s more than enough time to use every drop of this liquid gold.

When it comes to storing maple syrup, there is a proper protocol to follow. Once opened, maple syrup should be kept in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage. Pure maple syrup can develop mold if not stored properly due to there being no additives or preservatives in it.

Are you like us and pour through jugs of maple syrup rapidly? “Freezing is great too… keep a container that meets your weekly needs in the fridge and refill from a larger container in the freezer,” Emma advises. Pure maple syrup doesn’t freeze, so a spot amongst the frozen fruit is fitting.

Don’t worry. If you left your maple syrup on the table overnight, you won’t wake up to a spoiled bottle. However, if you’re not using maple syrup on a regular basis, we suggest it stay in the fridge to extend its use.