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Sugaring Season 2024 | End of Season Update

Our sugaring seasons typically all start the same: by trekking through snow to tap trees. Tasks within a season require early mornings (we’re talking 3am!) to process sap, boiling, routinely checking lines, and making repairs to ensure optimal sap flow. While there are ways to predict the conclusion of a season, the day a sugaring season ends isn’t ever identical to the year before.

The 2024 sugaring season ended for the Butternut Mountain Farm crew last week. This season’s roller-coaster weather led to an abundant collection of maple syrup at our home farm. There were many times that the end seemed near, but then we would endure a snowstorm and another great week of sugaring would be presented.

We’d like to thank our exceptional farm crew – Fran, Adam, Doug, Chris, Lyle, Quentin, and Ian – for their hard work. It was a great season!