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How Maple Fits Into The Food Trends of 2023

Maple is a versatile ingredient. Its sweetness stuns in desserts from chocolate chip cookies to carrot cake, making it a crowd-drawing star in bakeries. At the same time, its robust flavor profile works magic in savory dishes, pairing favorably with a spectrum of global ingredients. When Whole Foods released their 2023 food trend predictions, we were delighted to see themes that are on maple’s map.

Each year the retailer reports on the ingredients and value-based eating patterns it believes consumers will hop on. In 2021, “Epic Breakfast Every Day” predicted consumers enjoying pancakes during the week instead of just on the weekends. And that’s a trend we’re still on board with!

With 2023 approaching a slew of new trends are emerging. Whole Foods slated “Climate-Conscious Callouts” as a top food trend for the year. Customers should expect to see more brands noting their environmentally friendly practices.

For both consumers and food manufacturers who are looking to be more mindful with the products they create, it’s significant to note that maple syrup is not only a wholesome ingredient but also an environmentally friendly one as well.

Maple comes from trees. As Butternut Mountain Farm second-generation owner, Emma Marvin, states, “trees sequester carbon.” Sugar makers have a passion for thoughtful stewardship of our forests. This effort results in pure maple syrup as well as the ongoing health of our forests which can mitigate effects from climate change.

It’s easy to feel good about choosing maple syrup. And not just because sugarbushes are carbon sinks. There are nutritional benefits to maple syrup – a quality that pancake syrups and cane sugar lacks. Maple syrup is a single ingredient sweetener with no artificial colors or flavorings. Pure maple syrup contains vitamins and minerals including potassium, zinc and calcium earning it the title of the “smarter sweetener”!

The nostalgic treats of yesteryear were sugary pleasures, and Whole Foods predicts that they’re likely to stage a comeback. But there’s a catch to this retro resurrection: better ingredients. According to research, 73% of consumers enjoy the snacks that remind them of the past. Macaroni & Cheese from the box, spunky old-school cereals, pizza bagels, nut butter cookies! All these slumber party treats are being reimagined and upgraded in 2023 with cleaner ingredients to satisfy the conscientious consumer.

Real maple syrup is a versatile single ingredient sweetener that enhances everything from cookies to sauces. Swirl it into nut butter recipes for a naturally sweet cookie, or as a cane sugar replacement in the cereals you’re developing.

If you’re eager to align with these trends in 2023 by adapting your products, Butternut Mountain Farm can help. Whether you’re looking for 5 lbs. of maple sugar or a 250 lb. tote of maple syrup for a new granola bar recipe or pancake mix, we’re happy to help bring you and your products into the new year.