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How to Get Great Pancakes Every Time

Pancake Stack

We’ll save the fluff for the pancakes and dive into it. The surest way to get great pancakes every time is to use a trusted pancake mix. We’re not saying making pancakes from scratch is a recipe for disaster, but you may endure inconsistencies. To avoid frustration before breakfast, we rely on pancake mixes.

Our brand new Buttermilk Pancake Mix only needs an egg and milk to get started. This straightforward process eliminates the pivoting from pantry to fridge to collect ingredients. And voila! An aromatic batter is prepared in one minute. Which brings us to tip #2 on how to get great pancakes every time.

Choose good ingredients.

To sweeten our mix, we chose to use maple sugar. This wholesome sweetener adds a fragrant and robust flavor. Even when preparing pancakes from scratch we choose to use maple sugar, an easy swap for cane sugar.

Don’t over mix your batter.

As satisfying as it may appear, pancake batter does not have to be perfectly smooth. A few lumps do the pancakes some good. This contributes to the fluffiness of your pancakes. If the batter is over mixed, you may end up with flatter discs and tougher cakes. (Still delicious. Still appropriate for soaking maple syrup!)

Let your batter sit for 5-10 minutes.

If you can’t wait one more minute or your pancake stack, this mix will still flip fluffy pancakes. But, allowing your batter to rest will lead to lighter pancakes. This is because the dry ingredients have more time to absorb the liquid.

Don’t toss the first pancake.

It has come to our attention that there is a practice of disposing the first “test” pancake that hits the skillet. Though it may not be perfect, we do not recommend tossing! Use it as to gauge your pan’s heat, and adjust accordingly. Which brings us to our next tip.

Play heat DJ!

Heat control is essential. You don’t want to cook on heat that is too high, charring the outside but leaving the inside gooey. Start by heating your pan over medium-high heat. Cook the first pancakes, re-grease the pan, and lower the heat to medium. This will keep the consistency of a toasted outside (with a crispy edge) and a cakey crumb. Adjust as necessary!

Grease your pan with salted butter.

Before you flip your first, second, and third batch of pancakes, grease your pan with a little bit of butter. In our experience, this adds a welcomed coating of extra flavor and makes pancakes easier to flip (yes, even if you’re already using a non-stick skillet!).

Wait for bubbles to appear.

One way to know your pancakes are ready to flip is by observing the top. When bubbles begin surface and pop, flip! This indicates that gas is being pushed out of the batter.

Flip with confidence.

When it comes to keeping your pan neat and your pancakes round, flipping with confidence is necessary. Muster up the courage to slide the spatula under the cooked side and flip with intention. If an edge of your pancake folds, or batter splatters, it’s no big deal! The final result will still be delicious.

Finally, stack your pancakes tall! We like to think of pancakes as sponges for maple syrup. Pour maple syrup atop the stacks and enjoy.

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