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How To Sweeten Ice Cream with Maple Syrup

In the winter Vermont is revered for its east coast slopes. But as the season turns into summer it’s the state’s famed maple creemees that become its treasure. The soft serve swirls of ice cream are a magnetic amusement across the state. All it takes is devouring one cone to find out why. The iconic creemee flavor is, of course, maple. And it is, as expected, robustly refreshing.

When it comes to scoops of summer’s favorite dessert, we’re all about including our beloved sweetener: pure maple syrup. From incorporating the wholesome ingredient into a recipe to dousing the top of your sundae with a few healthy glugs of maple. There are countless ways to include pure maple syrup into ice cream. Here are four of our favorites.

Ice Cream Sweetened with Maple Syrup

Whenever we’re craving a little something sweet after dinner, it’s a spoonful of maple syrup we turn to. But sometimes we have enough forethought to stock our freezers with ice cream sweetened with maple syrup, and that really makes for a spoonful of something sweet. Nature’s sweetener is our natural choice when it comes to making our own ice cream. Its robust flavor profile does more than just sweeten, it deepens the taste of the whole cone.

Try this Maple Pecan Ice Cream!


Maple syrup is the perfect sweetener for coffee. It’s flavorful, natural and even has nutritional properties. So, we didn’t think twice when deciding to stir a spoonful into a shot of espresso before pouring it over a heaping helping of gelato. Maple syrup, it turns out, is also the perfect accoutrement to an afternoon affogato.

The bit of bitterness paired with a slurry of sweetness is entirely satisfying. We scoop a mound of vanilla bean gelato into a cup and pour a mixture of espresso and maple over the top, creating a pool of dessert bliss. Treat yourself to a Saturday morning gelato for breakfast, an after-lunch palate cleanser, or a 3pm pick-me-up.

Make your own Maple Affogato all summer long!

Dairy Free Nice Cream

Those with an aversion to lactose are still invited to the ice cream party. The creaminess we’re all so fond of in a scroop is not exclusive to dairy. Bananas will also do the trick! Akin to sorbet, frozen and blended bananas transform into a luxuriously smooth scoop. Mix a banana base with other berries and add real maple syrup to secure the sweetness.

We used bananas, strawberries and lemon zest to brighten up our version, and a little oat milk to add to the creaminess.

Try our Strawberry Banana Ice “Cream” that requires no special ice cream making equipment, only a food processor!


A bowl of ice cream without the toppings is still a delicious dessert, it just lacks the supporting pizazz. We love to pile on the toppings. If you look at ice cream as a canvas for sprinkles and crushed candy, add maple to your selection. In lieu of sprinkles, crush up maple candy! Squeeze a bit of maple syrup over your scoop and enjoy that deep sweetness that coats each spoonful. Our infused maple syrup selection adds a delicious extra spice to your scoop.