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How To Use Maple This Summer

You may associate maple syrup’s flavor with autumn’s seasonal treats, but we can assure you that its rich taste deserves a moment in the summer spotlight. If you’re stumped on how to use the maple in your fridge during the summertime, we can help.

Summer’s flavors are bright, chilled, and charred. The aroma of sizzling burgers on a charcoal grill carries through neighborhoods. Ice clinking into tall glasses of lemonade echo through neighborhoods. Joyful cheers alert the neighbors that ice cream and popsicles have been served. In all these summer moments, maple can be included.

From backyard barbecues to poolside snacks, here are a few ways we like to incorporate maple into the menu.

Maple Lemonade

If life gives you lemons, grab the maple syrup.

There’s nothing like the refreshing sip of a sweet-tart beverage in the heat of a July afternoon. A wholesome sweetener like real maple syrup adds a delightful flavor to this staple summertime drink. Adjust the maple syrup as you need.

Maple Lemonade

Barbecue Sauce

If there’s any condiment to have on hand this summer, it’s barbecue sauce. We slather barbecue sauce on smoked ribs and over pulled pork sandwiches. The sweetness of maple combined with the tangy spices are a delectable combination that will have you using every last drop.

Maple Barbecue Sauce

Maple Sugar

A bag of maple sugar will support you in your quest to make the perfect dry rub. A key component of preparing rubs for the grill is sugar. You’ll find many recipes to include brown sugar which adds a caramelized touch to the final product. Brown sugar can easily be swapped out for maple sugar. The same caramelized flavor will be present in the rub with a subtle maple undertone that will have everyone asking you for the recipe.

Maple Sugar

Maple Sugar Seasoning

If you’re doing enough this summer and building a dry rub is the last thing you want to do, may we introduce you to our Maple Sugar Seasoning! A bouquet of spices is paired with our maple sugar to create a seasoning you can add to anything you put on the grill, sprinkle over salads, or toss vegetables in.

Vermont Maple Sugar Seasoning

Ice Cream & Popsicles

Maple is so fantastic in ice cream that the entire state has dedicated a soft serve flavor to it. We affectionately refer to these treats as a “creemee”. While some soft serve places are open year-round, the lot of them shutter as the temperature dips. When spring reappears, creemee windows re-open and we are treated to this maple sweetened treat.

If you don’t live near a creemee stand, or have maple syrup soft serve in your vicinity, you can still enjoy maple sweetened ice cream! We have recipes that add maple to your homemade pints, or you can easily add maple to your popsicle mix!

Maple Pecan Ice Cream

Maple Caramel Pudding Pops

Maple Raspberry Yogurt Popsicles


There’s iced coffee, and then there are affogatos. An affogato is an espresso chilled with a scoop of gelato, or ice cream. We pour a little maple in there too for an extra special treat that has us looking forward to hot afternoons all summer.

Maple Affogato

Summer Salads & Dips

Maple’s sweet flavor profile emulsifies seamlessly into salad dressings. We add maple syrup to salad dressings to balance the oil and vinegar. It’s perfect tossed into a bowl of fresh greens you’ll serve at picnics or poolside parties. Maple salad dressings are especially great on salads that include crumbled goat cheese and strawberries.

Toss maple syrup into your favorite dips for a bright and balanced snack you can enjoy al fresco.

Spinach Salad with Maple Mustard Dressing

Maple Mango Salsa