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How Wayside Restaurant, Bakery and Creamery Bakes with Pure Maple Syrup

At 8:30 on a Thursday morning the parking lot of Wayside Restaurant, Bakery & Creamery is nearly full. Which isn’t surprising. The historic 105-year old restaurant is famous for its all-day breakfast, sustainable practices, and award-winning maple cream pies.

Located in Montpelier, Vermont, the pies at Wayside are as coveted as an early morning parking spot. The bakery’s binder is a flour covered collage of both printed and aged handwritten recipes. Maple cream pies are made almost daily, and the formula is known by heart.

While we were lucky enough to observe the making of the maple cream pies, we can’t tell you the exact measurements of this celebrated dessert. What we can tell you is that the salty crust is made in house, the maple syrup is from a 5-gallon pail provided by our team at Butternut Mountain Farm, and the balance of the two makes a harmonious bite.

Wayside Restaurant is just 26 miles form our facility in Morrisville, Vermont where we pack high quality pure maple syrup form both our home farm and producers in maple producing regions year-round. From adorable portion-sized nips to 5-gallon pails of pure maple syrup, we ship out nationwide to restaurants where maple compliments a chef’s menu with its versatile and premium flavor.

And flavor is important! Of all the pies being whipped up across the Green Mountain State, Wayside Restaurant’s maple cream pie has been crowned the “iconic pie of Vermont” by the Food Network.

These prized pies use our Processing Grade to deliver that maple flavor. Its excellent in baking and cooking where you want a strong maple taste to come through. While you’ll find this grade in restaurant and bakery kitchens, you won’t find it on retail shelves!

As the bright orange egg yolks swirled into a stream of maple syrup, and the cream marbled into the mixture, we knew we were in for a treat. Pats of butter are plopped atop the filling for extra richness and then the pies are loaded into the oven.

We sit at the counter and order our slices. They arrive with a generous serving of whipped cream. The fork glides through the pie and the first bites are a balanced trinity of maple flavor, flakey crust, and cool whipped cream. Rich in all the right ways, our plates are empty in minutes.