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Is It Time For You To Private Label Maple Syrup?

While browsing grocery shelves you may notice an increase in store-brand products, including pure maple syrup. More and more consumers are turning their attention to private label goods. According to the Private Label Flash Survey, 80% of adults in the US are either purchasing or are willing to purchase private label. Customer perceptions of private label products are shifting. Consumers are realizing it’s quality that they can consistently trust.

If you’re looking to add value to your product line, it may be time to private label maple syrup! Our premium syrup brings superior flavor to pancakes and beyond, and is considered a favorite amongst breakfast syrup users.

There’s nothing like the robust flavor of maple syrup. Butternut Mountain Farm is in the heart of the United States’ most vibrant maple producing region. Vermont is the largest maple syrup producer in the United States and our farm is closely connected to its many talented sugar makers. Our deeply rooted relationships with these producers and those in nearby maple producing regions allows us to have the capacity to source high quality maple syrup year-round.

Whether you’re seeking maple syrup, maple sugar, maple butter or maple candy we have the knowledge and expertise to help you deliver a high-quality line. No matter how the sap runs in any given season, you can be assured that we have an abundance of maple any time of year.

Ready to develop a store-brand line of maple syrup that customers can rely on?


Butternut Mountain Farm has been dedicated to the art and science of maple syrup since 1972. We know maple. And when it comes to private label, we work with companies who you would recognize (but we can’t divulge their names!).

Our interdisciplinary team works with you to create a private label schedule that’s carefully and thoughtfully followed with detailed communication along the way. Over the decades we’ve developed a process that’s followed to the most precise detail, allowing us to shepherd creations through to completion as professionally and efficiently as possible. We aim to be best partner and go above and beyond to make the transition smooth and worry-free.

Maple syrup is naturally gluten free and vegan. We are kosher and Non-GMO certified. Our maple syrup is both organic and conventional. Whatever your idea may be, our team would be delighted to talk all things maple and private label with you.