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Make It With Maple: Thanksgiving Recipes

Crisp crunchy leaves are coating lawns and temperatures are falling by the day. These significant seasonal changes can only mean one thing: Thanksgiving is approaching. We take this time to gather and display our gratitude with an assortment of dishes featuring autumnal flavors. Stuffing that’s appropriately stuffed with maple coated vegetables, cranberry sauce made with Vermont cider, sky high biscuits, butternut squash from the garden’s last harvest roasted with fresh herbs. While we’ll admit that not everything on the table has to include maple we will say that it’s a lot better when it does.

We use maple syrup as an ingredient in an array of dishes during Thanksgiving dinner. Starts, sides, the main attraction, and desserts all have opportunities to use his versatile ingredient. Real maple syrup and maple sugar work just as well in savory recipes as they do the sweet ones because of its robust flavor profile.

In hopes to inspire your recipe planning and creativity in the kitchen, or to spark imaginative ways to use real maple syrup, we put together a book of recipes. We’ve included an easy conversion chart in the back in case you want to explore cooking with maple in your traditional, and no doubt blue ribbon worthy, Thanksgiving dishes.

From the entire crew at Butternut Mountain Farm, thank you for making real Vermont maple syrup a part of your day.