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Maple Producer Spotlight: Tiffany Brothers

The Tiffany Brothers
Enosburg Falls, Vermont

The Tiffany brothers don’t mince words when it comes to maple syrup. They love maple syrup on ice cream, over pancakes, and in their everyday cooking. They love being in the woods every day, and they love sugaring. They intend to keep doing exactly that.

Dave, Jim and Mike are sugaring on the land that was once their grandfather’s. As third-generation maple syrup producers, they are proud of their product and its heritage. Their grandfather sold the property to their father in 1953 with 1,500 taps on it. Today, the brothers operate over 30,000 taps on that original property and an adjoining farm. They have upgraded their grandfather’s traditional tapping methods, while still maintaining the joy of working the land and being out in the woods.

“It clears your head to be out there. You can focus and think,” Dave says. When asked what their favorite part of sugaring is, they all chuckle. “All of it.” Is the collective response. Clear and simple. “All of it.”

The Tiffany brothers are thankful for the relationships that sustain their business and the lifestyle they enjoy. Late one Saturday night in 2008, on the eve of the first sap run of the year, the Tiffany’s were awakened when a neighbor called to tell them one of their sap houses was on fire. Unfortunately, it burned to the ground, only a pile of ash remaining. By Monday afternoon, their local evaporator company, Leader Evaporator, had them back up and running.

They describe the same reliability and security in working with the Marvin family at Butternut Mountain Farm. It makes a tremendous difference to the Tiffany brothers that they can sell their delicious maple syrup to the same people year after year. They trust that the Marvin family will distribute the syrup around the country with care. “It’s a good thing to keep doing business with the same people every year. They appreciate us and we appreciate what they do. It’s a relationship. And a good one.”

Pro tip from the Tiffany brothers: For long-term storage, keep your maple syrup in a glass jar in the freezer. It maximizes flavor and freshness!

We work with over 350 sugar makers to supply maple syrup to our operation. Each one of these farmers shares a vision of forest stewardship and commitment to quality that is similar to the one that has driven our work for decades. These great folks from across Vermont and from maple-producing regions have a story. Stories that we think you all might enjoy. We are excited to introduce our Maple Producer Spotlight series where we will share inspiring stories of sugar makers and highlight their vision and commitment to making the highest quality maple syrup found in the world.