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Maple Producer Spotlight: Tom & Cecile Branon

Tom & Cecile Branon
Branon Family Maple Orchards, Fairfield, Vermont

Tom Branon laughs warmly as he describes how much he loves the taste of maple syrup in his coffee. “The truth is, he puts a little bit of coffee in his maple syrup,” his wife Cecile chimes in. They lean into each other and laugh in the light of the beautiful, modern sugarhouse they built together in 2013. They have been farming together since they first met, over 37 years ago.

“I keep farming because I love the land,” says Tom, “and I love being able to produce something of it that is pure and delicious. I love being outside in the trees and working with the trees and knowing that I can be a good steward of this land for our family and future generations. It doesn’t get better than that.”

Tom and Cecile’s families have been dairy farming in Vermont for generations. Tom and Cecile purchased their first dairy farm from Tom’s dad in 1984 and carried on the family’s legacies. Twenty years later, in 2004, they made a major decision; they decided to sell their cows and make maple production their future. Tom remembers the day the cows were sold as being one of the hardest days of his life. But he and Cecile knew their kids saw a future in maple production, and they wanted to ensure a fifth generation future for this family farm. They loved sugaring and the lifestyle of maple production and thought it was worth the gamble. They haven’t looked back since.

“Working with Butternut Mountain Farm made this possible for us,” Cecile explains. She and Tom knew they would only work with a distributor who shared their high standards and commitment to healthy, high-quality food. And they wanted to work with a company that was reliable in its commitments to their customers, to their farmers, to their products, and to the land. They found that commitment in Butternut Mountain Farm and the Marvin family. Today the Branon family have over 70,000 taps on 2,200 beautiful acres of land in Vermont. They’ve recently invested in solar panels to power their maple production and to further ensure a sustainable future. In 2015, they were awarded the Vermont Legacy Achievement Award, an award given annually to a Vermont-based family business recognized for outstanding and long-lasting success. Cecile and Tom are proud to work alongside their sons everyday, to produce pure, organic maple syrup for Butternut Mountain Farm customers.

As Tom says, “It doesn’t get better than that.”