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Maple Sugar Trend and Recipes

After years of playing second fiddle to its big brother, maple syrup, granulated maple sugar has finally been making some sweet buzz of its own in the trendy food world. In recent months big name food magazines such as Gourmet Traveler, Saveur and Food and Wine have all developed recipes that specifically highlight maple sugar touting its sweet potential:

“It’s not every day that a new sugar comes into your life. So when it does happen, it’s a pretty special moment.” – Saveur Magazine

Granulated maple sugar – essentially a crystalized form of maple syrup – has an intoxicating sweet smell and hearty maple flavor, and just like cane sugar it is extremely versatile in terms of how it can be used. For a quick hit add a spoonful into your morning coffee or tea, a sprinkle on your grapefruit or oatmeal, or a teaspoon into your marinades and salad dressings. For baked good recipes that can’t handle extra moisture, using maple sugar versus maple syrup is the recommended way to go.

If you have yet to play and experiment with granulated maple sugar, we highly encourage you to dive in and have a special “aha’ moment of your own. You might be surprised how easy and enjoyable it is to work with.

Perhaps get started on your maple sugar journey with these recipes: