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Maple Syrup Season 2016: Another Busy Week At the Farm

On Tuesday we finished boiling the last of the sap from the weekend. The sap was running well and all four of the 3,000 tanks were still full of sap. The filter press needed to be changed often and the ROs started to slow down since they were processing sap constantly. ROs or reverse osmosis, allow us to remove water from the sap, concentrating the sugars, flavor precursors, minerals and nutrients. The use of reverse osmosis makes us much more efficient in the boiling process reducing the energy inputs required to make maple syrup. After replacing a few worn parts, we were able to gain and were boiling 12.5% sap and making 20 gallons of syrup an hour. In one week we made 61 drums!

On Friday morning, the bubbler in the back pan was no longer working since the holes had been filled in with niter. The sap was not running that morning, which gave us a break to catch up. We are up to drum 117 today after changing out the back pan and still have 1500 gallons of sap to process in the morning. It is currently 28 degrees and hard to know if the sap will run much on Monday. As always we await to see what the weather has in store for us.

Hands are not the only things needed when changing the pan. Heavy equipment helps too!